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WDW Tour - Animal Kingdom (WDWTourAK) is an iPhone app to help with creating and carrying out a touring plan for Disney's Animal Kingdom®. All attractions, shows, and permanent activities are included, as are all quick service and table service restaurants. You can create steps for obtaining a FASTPASS for any attraction that offers it. You can also browse the available experiences (see screenshot, right), reading the review or (with an Internet connection) jumping to the website itself (or the official mobile WDW site) for even more information.

While an active Internet connection is required to visit the external sites, no connection is required to create and complete a touring plan, so WDWTourAK is perfect for iPod Touch users in the park.

WDWTourAK is a tabbed app. The first tab shows all the tours you have created (plus a couple useful ones that ship with the app). The other four allow you to browse information for Attractions, Shows, Dining, and FASTPASS Attractions. For these four tabs, tap on an item in the list to bring up the detail page.

Creating a New Tour

Creating a tour is just like creating an On-The-Go playlist in iTunes. From the list of available tours (Tours tab), tap the Add button and enter a name for your tour. After tapping Done, you will automatically be taken to the Add Steps screen. Choose from Attractions, Shows, Dining, or retrieving a FASTPASS for an eligible Attraction. Or, by selecting a Tour, you can add all the steps from an existing tour to your new tour.

Tap Done on the top right of any Add Steps screen to return to your tour, ready for your day at Disney's Animal Kingdom®!

At this point you can edit your tour more (perhaps to move steps around, delete ones you've decided not to do, or add even more steps).

If you're not sure about an attraction, then while not in Edit mode, select any of the tabs, then select an attraction. You will be taken to the Experience page for that attraction, show, or restaurant.

The Tour Listing

This screen shows all the steps in your tour. Tapping on any line will bring up a screen showing the details of the step (see below). From the tour listing, you can edit the tour, bring up details about a particular step, and send the time data for a completed tour as an HTML e-mail message. You can also reset all time data, so you can reuse a tour that worked well for you - after sending the data to your e-mail account, of course! As you go through your tour, completed steps are shown in grey text, while the current step is always highlighted in green.

To preview your tour, select the first step, then use the Forward and Back buttons to navigate through the entire tour. You won't be able to tap the Enter Queue or Skip Attraction buttons for any but the first step, so don't worry about accidents!

Editing a Tour

At any time, you can navigate to the tour listing screen and edit your tour. Just tap the Edit button at the top of the list. You will see the familiar editing controls allowing deletion or movement of rows, but only for steps that have not been started or completed.

You also have the option of adding more steps to the end, by selecting a tab or by tapping the Add button. Exit this mode by tapping Done at the top of any Add Steps screen to return to the Tour in editing mode.

Rearrange your new steps as you adjust your tour to the daily conditions in the park.

Starting Your Tour

To start your tour, tap the first step from the Tour Listing. The step detail screen shows the following information:

  1. The screen header shows the name of the step, the Time In Queue and Wait Time (if recorded), and the step number within the tour.
  2. The center of the screen is an image of the attraction. Tap the image to read the review.
  3. At the bottom are the command buttons. The navigation buttons are always available, allowing you to browse ahead to see what the next few steps are, or browse back to recall steps you've completed. The top center button will display Enter Queue for the first, or current, step that you haven't entered yet. Once you tap this button, the Time In Queue is recorded and the button says Enter Ride. Tap this just before boarding and you'll have a precise record of your actual wait time.
  4. The final panel contains the Skip Attraction button, available only for the current step. If you have not yet entered the queue, this button swaps the current step with the next, enabling you to quickly bypass, for example, Maharajah Jungle Trek because you made it to Asia in time for your lunch at Yak & Yeti. The skipped attraction is ready as the next step. If you have already entered the queue of an attraction (recording a Time In), this button erases the recorded time and swaps this step with the next. If you've decided to completely skip the attraction, just navigate back to the tour listing and delete the step, either by going to the edit mode, or swiping across the step and confirming the deletion.

So that an accidental tap doesn't ruin the record of your tour, an Undo button is available to reverse an Enter Queue or Enter Ride action, erasing the Time In Queue or Wait Time as appropriate. The Undo button is only available on the current step. All other steps show the Current Step button, which enables fast navigation to the active step - so when you're browsing your tour while standing in line, you can quickly bring up the current step to record your wait time. The current step button is available on all screens except for attraction details and editing screens, so feel free to wander about the app while waiting!

The Skip Attraction feature cannot be undone, but it is guarded by a confirmation box if a Time In Queue will be erased.

Completing a Tour

Once you tap Enter Ride for the last step on your tour, WDW Tour - Animal Kingdom assumes you are done. A new button appears at the bottom of your tour list, enabling the completed tour, with time data, to be e-mailed to the address you enter.

But what if you finish, and still have time left? Don't worry. Even a completed tour can be edited to add new steps. The first new step added automatically becomes the current step, ready to be entered. Even e-mailing a tour log won't prevent you from continuing a tour after it is originally "completed."

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