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How to use is designed to give you all the information you need for planning, researching, or just re-living Disney's Animal Kingdom. This page will help you navigate your way around. If in doubt, you can see our site map by clicking the banner menu above.

Banner Menu

The Banner Menu above has quick links to the most general parts of the site:

  • The home page
  • What's New, a list of what has been added recently
  • The Park, an overview of the Animal Kingdom
  • Map, a page for budding cartographers providing various maps of the park
  • News, a central page for the latest happenings in and around the Animal Kingdom
  • Intro, this page
  • About, a page describing us and why this site exists

Left Margin

The left margin is your primary navigation tool for the site. It is divided into four parts, the first three of which have several link buttons:

About the Park

All of these links provide information about the Animal Kingdom's offerings

  • Lands, a list of the major subdivisions of the park
  • Attractions, a list by land of rides and experiences
  • Shows, a list by land of the stage shows (those with fixed venues and schedules)
  • Characters, a list of Disney characters that can be found in the park
  • Shops, a list of places in the park to part with your money
  • Restaurants, a list of dining establishments
  • References, a compilation of useful books and videos for finding out more about the Animal Kingdom


This section links to pages that are unique to

  • News, a central page for the latest happenings in and around the Animal Kingdom
  • Columns, a sampling of original writings by our staff
  • Pictures, a collection of memories from our previous trips (interactive gallery coming soon)
  • Downloads, where you can find official wallpaper
  • Links, the obligatory web page of web pages.

About the Site

If you really want to know about, these links will help.

  • About, a page describing us and why this site exists
  • Site Map, the entire site in outline form
  • Collaborate, where you can help us make even better
  • Register, a form to sign up for e-mail updates
  • Privacy, our site privacy policy regarding use of your information

Hidden Mickey of the Week

Every week, a new Hidden Mickey is selected and displayed at the bottom of the left margin. For those who don't like spoilers, the Hidden Mickey is hidden. To see a thumbnail, click on the "SHOW" button. To see a larger image, click on the thumbnail after revealing in.

Right Margin

The right margin is informational in nature. It has three sections:

Operating Hours

Animal Kingdom operating hours, as published on Disney's official website, are shown here for the next seven days. Clicking on the hours will open the daily schedule page from the official site in another window. Clicking on More Dates will bring up the current monthly schedule from the official site.

Where in the Kingdom?

Just for fun: a picture is selected weekly that shows a spot in the park that may not be obvious to any but the most seasoned Animal Kingdom visitor. See if you recognize it, and click on the thumbnail to see a larger image. Sorry, no prizes at the moment.

Animal of the Week

Each week a different part of the Tree of Life is highlighted. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-size photo, and check back as we add all 315 animals to our queue.

Attraction and Show Pages

Each of our attraction and show pages have a similar layout. They provide a description of the experience, a few nuggets of historical interest, and our review. The review includes a rating based on the original park logo:

(Dragon) - Top notch, E-ticket, not-to-be-missed attraction or show. Plan your day around these. Example: Expedition Everest

(Elephant) - Very good, a worthy Disney experience, but can be put off until next trip if time is short. Example: It's Tough to be a Bug!

(Triceratops) - A cut above the typical theme park, but lacking something. Example: Kali River Rapids

(Lion) - A more typical ride, but with a Disney flavor. You can find similar rides in other parks, but without the Imagineering. Example: TriceraTop Spin

(Gazelle) - What was Eisner thinking?!? An experience that just doesn't seem right at a Disney park. Example: Fossil Fun Games

After the review, a few photographs from the experience are available - clicking on the thumbnail will bring up a larger version. After the photos, any tips that we at have for enhancing your experience are given, along with a few hard-to-notice details that make a Disney park special.

Last come the spoiler sections, which are hidden by default. To see either of them, click on the "SHOW" button.

A full walkthrough (in many cases including the queue) is given, so that anyone unsure about committing the time can preview the experience. Where we have found a decent full ride video on the internet, we have included a link.

After the walkthrough is a list of all Hidden Mickeys found and photographed by our staff in and around the attraction. This is by no means an exhaustive list. A link is provided below our list to Steve Barrett's comprehensive Hidden Mickeys Guide if you want to research more.

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