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Donald's Safari Breakfast


The Animal Kingdom's only character meal, Donald's Safari Breakfast serves up standard breakfast fare for Disney (including the ubiquitous Mickey-shaped waffles), but adds some African flavors here and there, such as mango juice. The meal is served in the Tusker House. Characters include (usually) Mickey, Daisy (!) and Goofy. As the host, Donald is only available at the photo opportunity (extra charge to purchase the photos) as you enter and wait for your table. There is the obligatory join-in-the-fun moment, in this case a parade with musical instruments handed out to some of the kids.

Like most WDW buffets, the offerings may vary from time to time, but are reasonably constant. The official site and AllEars.Net list the most common items.


This character breakfast used to be at Restaurantosaurus, which switched from buffet to quick service at lunchtime. The location worked will for getting a head start towards Dinosaur.


The general consensus on this meal is that the African additions spice up breakfast for more adventurous palates, while providing plenty of bland offerings for picky eaters. Crowds and character availability are about average for a Disney character meal, meaning that overall crowd level will affect your experience. Three walk-around characters for the entire dining room is a better ratio than, say, Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom, plus you get them all in safari gear. It falls in the middle of the price range for WDW character breakfasts. All in all, this is worth the price.

Touring Tips

  • Many complain that Donald does not come around with the others, but is only available at the entrance - despite the official site showing him right at your table! The best strategy for those who don't want to pay extra is to pose for the picture, giving the Disney photographer your camera(s) as well. If the line isn't too long behind you, you may be able to sneak in an autograph.
  • As with the Tusker House layout, it is possible to get a table quite far from the buffet, so don't hesitate to ask for something closer when you check in.
  • Book as early as your party can handle, preferably an hour before the park opens for the day. This gives you a chance for unobstructed, stranger-free pictures of the Tree of Life, as well as a head start towards Kilimanjaro Safaris.

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